Cleanse, Nourish & Thive

Why Cleanse

Chemical compounds manufactured by human beings are appearing everywhere from the snow on the top of the tallest mountain peaks to the bottom of Earth’s deepest abyssal trenches. The earth is becoming a toxic waste dump that affects all forms of life. Eventually, these toxins seep into the water, air, and food which we consume.

Pesticides, Herbicides, fungicides, GMO’s Glyphosate, heavy metals… Our organs, glands, and tissues get filled with toxic waste and get gummed up without us even realizing it. And even when we do realize that is not good for us, like bad eating habits, lack of sleep, and unhealthy routines, we tend to fail to put a stop to them.

Does that mean that by stopping the bad things that enter our bodies, we will get better?

Not exactly.

Before nature can flourish again on a polluted beach, it needs to be deeply cleaned. This is the same with your body; you can not rebuild its organs, glands, and tissues before removing all the toxic waste and poisonous sludge.

After we cleanse and detox the inner workings of the body, we can then nourish its organs until they start to regenerate and thrive.

The ChagaRoot Functional Food Cleanse helps you to:

  • To rid the body of Impurities
  • To restore Alkaline Balance
  • To regulate Digestion + Metabolism
  • To regain Mental Clarity
  • To allow the body to Rest + Heal

As you start your cleanse journey, there should be a balance between “Cleansing too much” and “not Cleansing enough”. The perfect balance of cleansing and nourishing is what gets us to a high thrive State of Health.

Autophagy: the science behind cleansing and detoxification

Autophagy is your body’s way of cleansing itself, cleaning out damaged cells, toxic waste, and cellular waste.

Japanese cell biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2016 for his research on how cells recycle and renew their content. Autophagy is the major key to slowing down the aging process, reversing disease, and healing and rejuvenating the body

Benefits of autophagy
Preventing damage
Preventing damage, by clearing and recycling, cells and tissue.
Boost your immune system through strategic elimination.
Protect DNA, nervous system and encouraging growth of brain and nerve cells.
Health care
Potentially fighting cancer, neurogenerative diseases and other illness.
How to induce autophagy to detox your body
1. Practice fasting

Different forms of intermittent fasting promote autophagy.

2. Restrict Calories

Diets like keto, very high-fat and very low-carb, work similar to fasting.

3. Exercise

Exercise is a “good stress” that induces autophagy in multiple organs.

Functional Foods

At Chagaroot, we consider all foods as serving a purpose, providing essential nutrients and energy. However, we specialize in using what we term as ‘functional foods’—those that excel in nourishing the body, offering far-reaching health benefits beyond basic nutritional needs. Think of these as superfoods or miracle foods.

The ingredients we select are a culmination of thorough research, prioritizing single or combinations of nutrients and bioactive compounds derived from whole plant-based foods, herbs, mushrooms, and bioavailable proteins. Our goal is to optimize the physiological functioning of specific tissues and organ systems through the nutrition we provide.

Functional foods in our program may naturally contain these beneficial nutrients, or we may intentionally add them during our recipe formulation process. In order to enhance these benefits, our carefully crafted recipes involve strategic substitution with low sugar, low carb, and healthy fats ingredients. This allows us to improve the nutritional profile of the functional foods we use, ultimately aiming to provide immense nourishment and activate the body’s natural revitalization process, bringing it back to a balanced state.

Our strategic approach to developing a functional food cleanse program involves harnessing the inherent power of food to promote natural detoxification and revitalization within the body. By focusing on the body’s innate ability to cleanse and rejuvenate itself, we aim to restore balance and promote optimal health.

Preventing damage, by clearing and recycling, cells and tissue
Turmeric. ginger, lemon, lime, grapefruit, garlic, seaweeds, goldenseal, astragalus, echinacea
Broccoli, cabbage, garlic, beets, salad, greens, lemon juice, green apples, dandelion
Parsley, water, cilantro, nettle, green tea, alfalfa, renal tonic foods, cranberry

Mushrooms, the Ultimate Functiontal Superfood

Mushrooms are the top cleaners of toxic waste, heavy metals, and pesticides. This process can not only happen in the environment, through what is called mycoremediation but also in your body. Mushrooms contain glutathione, an antioxidant molecule found in almost every cell in your body, with what seems to have important signaling and detoxifying properties.

Mushrooms also have beta-glucan, which promotes healthy gut bacteria in the intestinal tract as well as short-chain fatty acids. It stimulates the immune system, potentially warding off fatigue, infection, and stress, while also moisturizing and firming the skin, promoting a smooth appearance and healthy aging.

Health Benefits of Mushrooms:

  • Improves Heart Health & Bone Health
  • Boosts Immune system
  • Prevents Diabetes + Anaemia + Cancer
  • Helps in Weight Loss and promotes Good Skin
  • Lowers Blood Pressure + Inflammations
  • Gives energy and improves Brain Functions
Our Mushrooms
Lion's Mane

Improve memory, focus & reduces feelings of irritability & anxiety. Cleanses your kidney and lymphatics.


Strengthen your immune cells & lower blood pressure. Cleanses your kidney and liver.


Strengthens the body after exhaustion/long-term illness, immune-strengthening. Cleans your kidney.


Improve memory, focus & reduces feelings of irritability & anxiety. Cleanses your kidney and lymphatics.

Turkey Tail

Improves immune system & is an antiviral. Cleanses the liver and lymphatics.


Boosts immune system, energy & brain function.

Oyster Mushroom

Immune support, reduces inflammation in the body.


Strengthens immune health system & acts as cholesterol regulator.s


Improves immune system and works as an antioxidant.


Works as an antioxidant, reduces inflammation & supports your immune system. Cleans your skin.

Phase 1: Cleanse and Nourish70% Cleanse - 30% Nourish

Dive into Phase 1 of our program, a revolutionary fusion of detoxification and nourishment that elevates your wellness journey. We combine the finest foods and functional mushrooms in an enticing way that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also enhances your body’s natural self-cleansing process, known as autophagy.

Tailored to suit your unique needs, this program offers varying degrees of cleansing. The longer you engage with our program, the more pronounced the benefits. These can range from weight loss and reduced inflammation to improved gut health, and you’ll achieve all this without ever feeling a pang of hunger.

We’ve done all the hard work for you. Each item in our program is clearly labeled and ordered for consumption, ensuring an effortless wellness journey. Adjust the intervals between meals to your liking, and indulge in the spectacular array of gourmet delights we’ve hand-picked for your enjoyment.

With extensive testing and a host of raving fans, you can trust in the effectiveness of our program. Get a glimpse of your daily indulgence in our example menu below:

Daily Example Menu:

  1. Mushroom Alchemy Shots:
    Kickstart your day with these immunity-boosting, detox-supporting, cognition-enhancing nutrient powerhouses.
  2. Myceliated Mushroom Milk:
    Keep your energy sustained and muscles thriving with this nutrient-dense meal substitute that also aids digestion.
  3. Mycogreens:
    Enhance cellular rejuvenation, boost heart health, and supercharge brain function, all while enjoying the detox and longevity benefits.
  4. Myceliated Mushroom Milk (repeat):
    Re-energize your system with a repeat dose of diverse nutrients for muscle repair, energy sustenance, and improved digestion.
  5. Artesian Soups:
    Stay nourished with these delectable soups, replenishing nutrients, supporting detox and gut health, and providing a satiating experience.
  6. Plant-Based Meal:
    Round off your day with a nutrient-rich, detox-enhancing, gut-friendly meal that also tackles inflammation and delivers alkalizing benefits.
Phase 2: Thrive (Post Cleanse and Nourish Meals)30% Cleanse - 70% Nourish

Embarking on the journey from cleanse to a regular diet? ChagaRoot’s Post Cleanse and Nourish Meal Program is here to ensure a smooth transition. Our esteemed nutritionists and celebrated chefs have meticulously curated a diverse and delightful meal plan for you. Fusing advanced nutritional science with international culinary techniques, we offer you nutrient-rich, plant-based meals.

Embrace the bounty of nature as ChagaRoot skillfully guides you on this remarkable journey toward wellness and healing. Our program, being low-sugar and keto-friendly, is tailored to promote muscle growth, facilitate weight loss, rejuvenate cells, and boost longevity. Serving as a bridge from your cleanse to a regular diet, our program supports your wellness while promoting sustainable healthful lifestyle habits.

With our program, you enjoy the luxury of freshness and convenience. Relish our freshly crafted meals, bi-weekly delivered to your doorstep. Our Thrive Phase 2 program gives you the freedom to decide the number of meals you’d like to have each day, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Maximize your convenience with our easy online ordering or by picking up meals from our ChagaRoot location. For the dedicated Chaga Warriors eager to elevate their health journey, we offer a subscription plan loaded with benefits and discounts. Gear up for the exhilarating ride towards peak health and well-being. Let’s thrive together with ChagaRoot.

What makes ChagaRoot programs different?

Rather than focusing on another juice-only cleanse or fad diet, we turn our attention to a scientifically proven Cleanse/Nourish/Thrive program that will change the way you look at food and the healing power of the body.

  • You can go as strong or slow as you want
  • Easy on the body – No starvation, No hunger
  • Special Medicinal Mushrooms that perform a deep detox to support and heal the body
  • Easy and simple to do- delivered to your doorstep
  • Backed by science
  • Botanicals
  • Functional Foods
  • Tonics, elixirs, and seltzers vs juice and water
  • Coaching
  • Linked to a nourish and thrive program
  • Alkalising
  • Fiber-rich
  • Low glycemic
  • Plant-based Keto
Maintaining Optimal Health
Streamlined Wellness

Our Cleanse Nourish Thrive program transcends typical detox routines, which often lapse into old habits post-cleanse. Instead, we offer an enduring shift in understanding food and health. Our goal is not a fleeting detox but a permanent transformation for deep-rooted wellness.

Geroscience Integration

At ChagaRoot, we incorporate geroscience principles into our cleanse for a robust anti-aging effect. Our program promotes the avoidance of age-accelerating foods like sugar and gluten, and encourages consumption of functional foods such as mushrooms, herbs, and superfoods. It’s more than a wellness routine; it’s a roadmap to long-lasting vitality.

Gourmet Nutrition

ChagaRoot meals are a fusion of nutritional science and culinary artistry. We create nutrient-dense, globally-inspired meals that are as flavorful as they are healthy. Our seasoned experts curate a wellness experience that harmoniously blends nourishing foods into irresistible dishes, redefining your journey toward health.

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