The Alchemist Cleanse – Monthly Subscription

$1,200.00 / month

Motivated to manifest new visions of themselves and change their own DNA.

As the longest of our cleanse programs, the Alchemist Cleanse was created for those that want a deep and exhaustive cleansing experience that will completely remove the bad from their body to replace it with all that is good in nutritious food.  This thorough program of 36 days will take you from Cleansing with Liquid Elixirs ( Phase 1: 3 days), to Cleansing with Food ( Phase 2: 12 days), to a Thriving Program with foods that will nourish your body ( Phase 3: 21 days) for a better you.


The Alchemist Cleanse consists of three phases:

Phase 1 – Liquid Elixir Cleanse

Duration: 3 day

Approximately 90% Cleanse – 10% Nourish with a very high state of autophagy. 

Consists of 6 16 oz bottles of mushrooms & botanical-based elixirs, tonic and seltzers, 2 mushroom & botanical shoots, and fiber balls. 



Phase 2 – Cleanse with Food

Duration: 12 days

Approximately 70% Cleanse – 30% Nourish with a strong state of autophagy.  

Each day consists of juices, detox smoothies, and soups. Delicious plant-based raw foods entrées.  

For examples of the plates you will be eating, see our Cleanse with Food menu.




Phase 3 – Thrive Program

Duration: 21 days

Approximately 30% Cleanse – 70% nourish with a mild state of autophagy.  

Functional food Meals that complement and rebuild the body system for optimum.

For examples of the plates you will be eating, see our Thrive menu.




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