MycoProtein – Mushroom Myceliated Protein Powder

MycoProtein Is The Integration of Nature and Technology

MycoProtein is a plant-based (100% vegan) protein powder that uses an innovative mushroom mycelial-fermentation method with shiitake mushroom mycelium to enzymatically transform plant proteins into a super protein with a complete amino acid profile.

MycoProtein provides a PDCAAS (protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score) rating of 1.0, the highest score, equivalent to beef. This is huge for athletes and people who want clean, sustainable protein.
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MycoProtein Revolutionizes Plant-Based Protein

The revolutionary technique efficiently eliminates phytates, lectins, and other anti-nutrients, resulting in a protein that offers exceptional digestibility, superior assimilation, and an extraordinarily high biological value. MycoProtein is infused with bioactive elements such as beta-glucans, glutathione, and ergothioneine, providing ultimate antioxidant, longevity, and beauty benefits.

Functional Mushrooms

We’ve also included other functional superfood mushrooms because of their antioxidants and compounds that support skin, immune, cardiovascular, eye, and neurological health.

These include Chaga, King of Mushrooms, for its powerful immune support; Reishi, the "Mushroom of Immortality" and "Queen of Mushrooms,” to reduce stress and improve sleep; Lion's Mane, “the brain’s ally,” for cognition; and Turkey Tail for immunity and overall vitality.

Mushrooms Are Sustainable And Good For The Planet

Mushrooms play a vital role in supporting the Earth's ecosystem through various ecological functions. As decomposers, they break down organic matter, recycling nutrients back into the soil and facilitating nutrient cycling. This process aids in the decomposition of dead plant material, contributing to soil fertility and supporting plant growth. Additionally, mushrooms form symbiotic relationships with plants, such as mycorrhizal associations, where they exchange nutrients with plant roots, enhancing the plants' ability to absorb water and minerals. Mushrooms also serve as food sources for numerous organisms, including insects, birds, and mammals, contributing to biodiversity and ecosystem stability. Overall, mushrooms contribute to the health and balance of ecosystems by participating in nutrient cycling, symbiotic relationships, and food webs.

The mycelium of mushrooms has been used to clean up contaminants like oil spills and fertilizers in oceans. Mushrooms and other fungi give the world hope for a cleaner, more eco-friendly planet.

Mushrooms have a short growth cycle - several weeks to a couple of months, depending upon the variety - so nutrient-dense food can reach your table quickly. Mushrooms can feed the world and it's our mission to make them available to as many people as possible.

Why Choose MycoProtein

It's the ultimate plant-based super protein for a healthy, active lifestyle. It’s smooth and delicious in chocolate and vanilla. And, it's easy to digest and assimilate the essential amino acids - PDCAAS of 1.0.

The additional functional mushrooms are known to help detoxify, fortify your immune system, and support your body's various systems, which give your body the building blocks for strength, energy, and longevity. Mushroom mycelia fermentation provides optimal nutrition and supports a healthier planet for future generations.

Order yours today and experience the MycoProtein difference!

How To Use MycoProtein

Add one serving of MycoProtein to water or your favorite milk. One serving is two scoops. Add it as a protein boost to your favorite fruit or green smoothie. You can also add a scoop or two to pancakes, muffins, or bread.

Because MycoProtein is highly soluble, the powder dissolves quickly into a smooth and creamy delicious beverage that makes it convenient when you're on the go.

ChagaRoot Is All In On Mushrooms

We grow functional and gourmet culinary mushrooms at our farm in the United States for MycoProtein and other supplements. In 2021, we opened ChagaRoot restaurant in Las Vegas, just a few blocks from the strip on the corner of Flamingo and Pecos.

The restaurant is a spore-to-fork, fast-food experience. It's 100% vegan and gluten-free. Some of the favorites are the Chaga Mac Burger (made with our MycoProtein), Lions Mane "chicken" Sandwich, ChagaRoot Street Tacos, and oh-so-yummy Mushies (ice cream made with ... Yes! MUSHROOMS).

If you live in the Las Vegas area or are visiting, come see us and say, "hi". Try our delicious, sustainable food, and tell us which ones are your favorites.


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